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 Draco Masako

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PostSubject: Draco Masako   Draco Masako EmptyTue Jun 10, 2008 2:42 am

Name: Draco Masako
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Bloodline: Terakogan
Village: Konoha / Outlaw
Age: 16
Class: Missing Ninja
Curse: Never Age (Terakogan)

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'9 feet
Weight: 70

Bloodline jutsus:

  • Desolation Jutsu

  • Last Resort

  • Summoning: Gurdian

  • Summoning: Dragon

  • End Of The World Jutsu

jutsus: (check history)

Main Weapon: Zanpaktou

Special unique techniques:

  • Masako Barrage

  • Ultimate Destructive Blade

  • Ransengan (Black Chakra, More Damage)

Secondary Weapon: Kunai


  • Ameturatsu

  • Ameturatsu Ball

  • Ultimate Rasengan

  • Chidori/Lighting Blade

  • More...

Elements: Fire

Favorite Food: Ramen
what you don't like to eat: Bananas
Favorite Saying: ZOMG Where Am I?

Was Madara Uchiha's Friend Since My Birth, Disappeared For Sometime, In This Time My Father And Madara Created The Uchiha Clan And Masako Clan, Returned To Konoha And Madara Was Gone. Nine-taled Fox Attacks And I See Madara, I Find Him, Ever Since Ive Been Traveling With Him, Training, Unlock Terakogan To Hells Side, And As The Uchiha Clan Was Destroyed I Now Search With Madara For A Ninja With The Sharingan And/Or Terakogan.

Ive Also Learned Most Jutsus Used By The People Around Me, Mostly The Akatsuki. Now Im Traveling In Search For The Masako Clan And Uchiha Clan
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Draco Masako
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