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 Bloodline: Terakogan

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PostSubject: Bloodline: Terakogan   Bloodline: Terakogan EmptyMon Jun 09, 2008 8:50 am

Name of bloodline: Terakogan

Description of bloodline:
Formed From The Sharingan, It Has Two Sides, The Heaven And The Hell, The Heaven Is For The Ninja Who Have A Pure Of Heart And The Hell Is For The Ones Of Pure Hatered In Thiers. Both Sides Have Same Effects But Hells Side Is A Better Mimicry Of The Sharingan And Can Lead To The Terakogans Mangekyou Side.

Terakogan Curse (Hell Side): User Can Never Age
Terakogan Curse (Heaven Side): User Cant Unlock The True Power

Hells Eyes = RED
Heavens Eyes = BLUE
Mangekyou Eyes = RED

  • General Pools Are Increased By 50

  • Off and Def are increased by 50

  • health is increased by 25

(unlock Chidori lvl 1 + lvl 2)

  • General Pools Are Increased By 100

  • Off and Def are increased by 100

  • health is increased by 50

(unlock Chidori lvl 3)

Elite Jounin:
  • General Pools Are Increased By 200

  • Off and Def are increased by 200

  • health is increased by 100

(unlock Desolation Jutsu)

Special Jutsu's Are Unlocked:
  • Last Resort

  • Summoning: Gurdian

  • Summoning: Dragon

  • End Of The World Jutsu (not literaly)
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PostSubject: Re: Bloodline: Terakogan   Bloodline: Terakogan EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 4:00 pm

ACCEPTED nice drago

Bloodline: Terakogan 075
Bloodline: Terakogan Anime
Bloodline: Terakogan AnimeAvi02
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Bloodline: Terakogan
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