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 Dark Dominus

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PostSubject: Dark Dominus   Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:46 pm

Name: Dominus
Gender: Devil Male
Race: Demon
bloodline: Dark Terror, Shadow Black Spare.
Village: Shadow Village
Age: 16
Class: Demon Kage
curse: Evil Seal

Hair Color: Skinny Head
Eye Color: Dark Red.
Skin Color: Fair.
Height: 5'10 feet tall
Weight: 82

Bloodline jutsus: Spear Terror, Shadow Chimotoji, Sands Of Time, Teleportation, Invisibility, Dark Blessing
Bowl Bash, Frenzy,

Jutsus: Undisclosed

Main Weapon: Dark Blade
Special unique techniques: Blade Of Emperor, Shadow Blade, Blade Kenesis

Secondary Weapon: Spear Mechanism
Techniques: Spear Blast, Spear Stab, Arrow Spear


Favorite Food: Devil's Ramen Twisted Evil
what you don't like to eat: Angel's Ramen
Favorite Saying: No Surrender, It's Time to Revenge!!

History: A flaming rock came from nowhere and lands into the land of the humans and saw
a piece of tablets says:

"Destroy all Human! Cutte'm into Pieces!!"..
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Dark Dominus
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