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 Demonic Angel

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PostSubject: Demonic Angel   Demonic Angel EmptyThu May 29, 2008 8:25 am

Demonic Angel

Regen+5 and 1+ per level, 3+ per rank
This bloodline has 3 levels. 1st lvl is human, 2nd lvl is releasing his angel wing, 3rd state is the last lvl and strongest lvl. Releasing his true form of Demon within in an angel.

1st stage
He is just a normal ninja who is expert in Ninjutsu and Gen.
Element and effect= wind (absorb shadow from shadow attack, and these shadow can recover him to some HP, which mean if shadow attack him, he only take half of the actual dmg, and save the rest of the shadow into his surrounding goes into his body. Next turn, some of these dmg heal his body, some cover his body as armor, and some help to increase the next attack dmg.

60% increase in Ninjutsu offense and defense. 50% increase in Gen offense and defense.
40% decrease in Weapon offense and defense. 60% decrease in Tai offense and defense.

Tornado Destruction-wing-ninjutsu-stun (60%) depend on opponent def on ninjutsu, make more damage as far as he use continuously.
(genin or this is supposed to be chunin because this is very power.

You look at the surrounding and spread your arms and hands to feel the atmosphere. Suddenly, you feel this is the best situation, so suddenly make hand seal. You wave and shake the atmosphere by shaking your hands, the wind in the air become stronger as much as you are shaking your hands in the sir. You stop shaking your hands and point towards your opponent. The big tornado form in your hands in a short time and is launched towards your opponent with the huge forces. The tornado destroys everything in its way to him. Tornado drills and hit him continuously. The wind calm down, but there can be another tornado because the wind are still stronger in the air. It deals………..

2nd stage
The angel has been awakened inside of him. As soon as the angel has been released, big sizes of angelic wings appear on his back by 6 wings. His silver hair becomes longer and longer. His eyes become pale and now completely white.
Element=wind. Defensive is better than stage one by his 6 angelic wings. The advance of this stage is that he can also release white element (angelic power)

Justified Images-white-Gen jutsu. No good to use continuously. If he use, the damage will gradually fall down.(chunin)

Created a huge cloud surrounding of your opponent. But this is the base for your gen jutsu.
As far as he is inside of that cloud, you can cast your special gen jutsu. You cast him into his mind. In his mind, your wings become bigger and longer. Then these wings are wrapping around him and giving a new image which called, Justified image. He remembers his sins from his past. He regrets about his past, and the images of his sins are on the skins of 6 wings. After a few minutes, he fall down and the cast is released. But in his mind, he thought that was last for the end of the world.
It deals…….

3rd stage
He uses the forbidden spirit for his own. This spirit is called darkness spirit pill. He takes into his body. So, his hair becomes longer than before but still silver color and length reach to his kneel. But the color of his wings expresses his true nature, the color of the wings turn into black. His right hand carries the white chakra, his left hand wear the black chakra. In the center of his silver eyes, there become a black spot. After the transformation finish, he looks like an angel whose wings is black with the darkness spirit and surrounded by the unholy aura. This aura helps him to make to increase his offence and defense.

Unholy Divine-darkness+white-nin+gen. The chakra consumption is large. It consumes all the reminding chakra. But the reminding chakra must be over 1500 in order to prevent that if the user is using all the time if the consumption is cheap. (Jounin and up) The damage may increase or constant, but no decrease if the user can continue with this attack.

You point at your opponent and say, “My divine will tear your body apart.” And you make a hand seal and hit the ground. Then you bite your finger and fly up to the sky, and you make another hand seal and hit nowhere in the sky but at where you touch, it appear a symbol of something. Then you goes down to the middle of two seal, sky and ground, Yin and Yan. After that, your unholy aura become wider and the two seal link each other by 2 elements, Yin and Yan flowing like the electricity. After a few second after these elements touch your body, Yin becomes combining with white element and Yin combine with dark element. These elements are flowing into your hands through your 6 wings. Within the time, you look at him, he seems to flow into your gen technique. He sees the sun and moon together up on the sky and many energy are flowing into them including the energy from his body is starting to flow to the sky. He just confuse what is going on and just shock with that energy draining. He is now lack of energy and he seems like he cannot make a move at all. Just at that time in the real world, you create a bow and aim at him. All Yin and Yan are flowing into massive amount and you launch at him with the incredible force. After the massive explosion, all you see is the large tunnel in the ground which was the same place where your opponent was stood. It deals……

Ignore your bitter regen, but get your better house
Try to be a good leader, but first, be a good follower.
u may strong than me, but u r not good in administration mean u cannot be a good leader.
pretend to strong physically, but try to be perfect mentally

These are for you. Try to be like this ^_^ Thank You.

Demonic Angel NarutoHokagezukiro Inc.
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PostSubject: Re: Demonic Angel   Demonic Angel EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:52 pm

Wow that's a big description about your BL zukiro it's perfect well done! ^^

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Demonic Angel
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