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 Lordangel's Bio

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PostSubject: Lordangel's Bio   Lordangel's Bio EmptyTue May 27, 2008 9:31 am

Name: Lordangel
Gender: Angel Male
Race: Angel
bloodline: Divine Tenshi Eyes , Whisper Of Chaos Element
Village: Konai
Age: 26
Class: Angel Kage
curse:Tenshi Seal

Hair Color: Long White Hair (Up to neck)
Eye Color: White
Skin Color: white
Height: 5'11 feet tall
Weight: 80

Bloodline jutsus: Shadow Realm, Mind Hypnotized,
Blood River,Mind Eater,Shining Finger,burning Finger, Whisper Of Chaos Element, Tenshi Judgment,
Crimson Angel Feathers, Summoning Angel Jutsu, Crimson Angel Burst

jutsus: Alot of different element jutsus

Main Weapon: Divine Excellion Blade
Special unique techniques:Tenshi Windzard,Stab Poison,Wind Of Excellion

Secondary Weapon: Tenshi Sword
Techniques:Wind Bollosum,Speed Attack,Multiply Tenshi Attack


Favorite Food: Rice and cutten piece on chicken,and remen
what you don't like to eat: N/A
Favorite Saying: *sighs*,ahhh well it's time for u to say goodbye amigo o.o Bring it.

History: I was born in Heaven,sent down to earth to become the Best Shinobi and Kage Of Konai

How I look like - - -

Lordangel's Bio WhiteMale200x200

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Lordangel's Bio Anime
Lordangel's Bio AnimeAvi02
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Lordangel's Bio
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