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 I am zukiro

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PostSubject: I am zukiro   I am zukiro EmptyTue May 27, 2008 5:21 am

Now, my destiny is to create a good relation with all villages.

Now, I am in Lightning village. But I will only live here for a few days. But during these days, I found out something. There is no one who will lead this village. So guess what, I am going to help this village to get a new kage. I will be a temporary Kage or the cooperate-Kage.

PM to me when you read this message in TSR. Remind you, I am going to kill u continuously if you PM to me here!!

I hope you can understand me. PM me with your stats(everything on your home page) So, I will decide you can be or not.

Remember, Kage is not just a name! Kage mean everything to a village.

Ignore your bitter regen, but get your better house
Try to be a good leader, but first, be a good follower.
u may strong than me, but u r not good in administration mean u cannot be a good leader.
pretend to strong physically, but try to be perfect mentally

These are for you. Try to be like this ^_^ Thank You.

I am zukiro NarutoHokagezukiro Inc.
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PostSubject: Re: I am zukiro   I am zukiro EmptyWed Jun 04, 2008 10:11 pm

I figure i will reply this as i am the new kage of lightning ^.^ I thank all of those that supported me.. aka those whom i refered and scorpio for the promotion.
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I am zukiro
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