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 Iukems ameya

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PostSubject: Iukems ameya   Iukems ameya EmptyTue May 27, 2008 4:01 am

Name: Iukems
Race: namikaze

Hair Color:white
Eye Color:hazel
Skin Color:olive
Height:5' 6''

Bloodline jutsus:hiraishin no jutsu/lightning flash technique. The yondaimes signature move allowing him to travel at almost the speed of light.

jutsus: lightning whip no jutsu, kawamiri no jutsu, bunshin no jutsu, henge no jutsu

Main Weapon: zanpaktou-raikahime (thunder princess)
Special unique techniques: lack of shikai and bankai for now.

Secondary Weapon: none
Techniques: none

Elements: thunder (its an element in naruto and as suck i claim it to be one here)

Favorite Food: ramen
what you don't like to eat: banana
Favorite Saying: your a ___!

History: Head of silences anbu squads. former member of the shinigame, was gifted life again by kame.
once the #1 user. had my account wrongfully deleted. now striving to take my place among the gods of the shinobi.

Plan: help zukiro become number 1, myself a close second, lost #3
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PostSubject: Re: Iukems ameya   Iukems ameya EmptySat Jun 14, 2008 9:05 am

Nice Bio good job i accept

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Iukems ameya
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